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Separation Agreement Services in Burnaby

A separation agreement, or a contract that outlines legal issues and solutions relating to the termination of a relationship, plays a critical role in protecting the rights and interests of all parties involved. Because separation agreements often cover important matters relating to children, support, and the division of property, it is important to work alongside an experienced lawyer who understands the process.

At Hawthorne Piggott & Company, our team of family lawyers have extensive experience drafting and negotiating separation agreements in British Columbia. Separations agreements are legally binding and will have a lasting impact on your post-relationship life, making it important to get the skilled support that you need as soon as possible.

The Benefits Of A Separation Agreement

A separation agreement offers the parties involved the opportunity to manage their legal issues without resorting to court processes. Other advantages include:

  • Flexibility: couples have more freedom to handle their legal matters in a way that best suits them.
  • Lower cost: separation agreements are cost-effective when compared to handling family law matters in court.
  • Increased control: couples have the discretion to make important decisions about their future without relying on the decisions of a judge.
  • Emotional stability: separation agreements are generally more amicable than proceeding with litigation.

If you decide to proceed with a separation agreement instead of litigation, it is important to remember that an agreement requires two parties and, where one partner is not satisfied that terms are fair, a resolution by court process may become necessary.

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